Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Goodwill Find

I am in the process of redoing my scrapbook/craft room. I have a room in my house that I keep all of my scrapbooking stuff as well as my sewing stuff. It is like a mess in that room right now. Stuff is everywhere. I cannot find what I need when I need it. Well, I decided last week that I was going to make my room into a organized room. I would love to do it like the pictures of scrapbook rooms you see on the internet, but the money is not there. But I am going to try my best.

Well, I was at Goodwill the other day with my mom, when I came across these wonderful storage boxes. They were perfect for the room! I will have to clean them up and paint them, but they will be great for organizing and storing things. It was an awesome find and for 30 dollars I got the big one and 3 small boxes. I could not have found them any better.

This is the big box. It will have to be painted on the front.

I got 3 of these. They are in excellent condition, just need to be cleaned up.


  1. Great find. You are going to have one of those rooms on the internet before you know it. Wish I had one. What would be nice with them would be one of those "Expedit" book cases from Ikea. They are not too expensive.

  2. Great finds!! I'll have to learn budget shopping with you. John would be happy if I was as good at finding deals as you are. =)