Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer Vacations

As I was going through my other photos, I saw my photos from my Birthday Surprise that my husband did for me. My birthday was back on May 24th and he surprised me with tickets to a Josh Turner concert. I have been wanting to go so bad (because he is my favorite singer). Well, he planned the whole day. First we went to Anna Ruby Falls.

It was so beautiful, but a good 0.5 mile hike up.

After the hike, Ryan and I went to the Concert. I could not wait! The concert was so fabulous. Josh Turner was so AWESOME! Ryan asked me if he could sing any song what songs would i want him to sing, and I had three songs. The number one was "Would You Go With Me", then "Me and God", and then "Long Black Train". He sang all three songs and my number one song was the encore. So, to me, he saved the best song for last. I cannot wait till the next concert!


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